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Bhutan - Land of Thunder Dragon

The kingdom of Bhutan is truely Shangrilla a mythical Country hidden in the Eastern Himalayas between India & the tibetion region of China Surrounded by magnificent & dence forest, is today unique to exotic tourist destination. The Bhutanese are graceious, gentte & generous do not reject their Cultural & sprotual heritage in terms of modern imported values & this is why tourism is restricted to protect rich culture, tradition & largely intact envirement. Bhutan is truly on unforgattable destination & unspoiled country, on roads no traffic jam & multistoried bulidings & western culture. Bhutanese are briven by therir respect for the trantric station of mahayana Buddhism. Come see join with us to discover paradise-land.

Tourism in Bhutan

Tourism in Bhutan is restricted in order to safeguard the nature envirement, Lack of tourist facilities infrastructure & the Lifestyle & people without destroying their socio economic balance. But still Bhutan is one of the most exclusive & expensive tourist destination for international tourist.

General Informatics

 ACCESS Entry into Bhutan is possible either by land or by air. Druk Air, the National carrier of Bhutan operates regular flights from Paro to Delhi and Kolkata. DUTY FREE GOODS ARE AVILABLE IN INDIAN RUPEES On BOARD DRUK AIR FLIGHT. by land entry into bhutan is possible across West Bengal through Phuntsholling, the Bhutanise border town, Phuntsholling is 6 hrs. drive from Thimpu and Paro, 4 hrs, from Bagdogra and 8 hrs, from Darjeeling and Gangtok in Sikkim.

Entry Permit 

For Indian National entering from Paro or Phuntsholling, Permits will have to be made, proof of India identity by ways of Passport or Voter’s Card is necessery with 4 passport size photographs. This is required for every one above 10 years.

For Dochulla and Punakha a special permits will be required, which will require, one extra passport photographs. These will have to be made 24 hrs. in advance and will require all travellers to be in Thimpu on that day. All government holidays must be avoided that is on the day of permits preparation. ist of Govt. holidays is attached. All offices are closed on saturday and sundays.